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Happy, Smiley Customers

Happy, Smiley Customers

Trina’s friends are throwing her a bachelorette party. Girls on the left and right, Trina in the middle.

I love my customers!

This week we printed shirts for a couple’s 50th anniversary, a family reunion, 4 six-man volleyball jobs, a volleyball camp, hard hat stickers for a construction company, beach towels, suspenders, youth retreat tees, baseball team, business cards, school shirts, Plus two other printers asked us to print jobs they couldn’t do. Every week is different.

I just got back from a week in Arizona and I have to say vacation is hard!! I stress for weeks if I’ll have enough work for my employees. then I spend up to 40 extra hours the week before planning while I’m gone, preparing art, paying bills, making sure all my customers know I’ll be gone. Then, while I’m on vacation, I check my emails daily to make sure something doesn’t come up I need to take care of. Then, any requests for quotes, I give them away to other printers. I’m available to my employees any time during the day if a question or issue arises. When I return, I haves over a thousand emails, a dozen voice mails and a weeks worth of bills to pay. But for all this, I wouldn’t trade it for the world to spend quality time with my wife with early morning walks, visiting historic sites, learning about local history and just enjoying the freedom to going to Scottsdale for “no good reason” I love my life!!!

We just completed our new Free Guide to Custom printed T-shirts. Available now when you sign up on our website

I started making changes to my websites a few months ago and they are a mess. So I’m starting over and doing a complete makeover. It’s been about eight years since I took this on and I’ve forgotten most of what I knew about the program. The good thing is you can find tutorials on just about anything on YouTube. So far I’ve learned to place text over images and build a slide show. I’m hiding the work in progress on my site but you can go to:

to get a peek at the new look. I’m looking for suggestions on how to make the site more interesting.

I have always found it hard to manage my emails & voice mail. But, I’ve always appreciated my customers (and friends) who recognize my weakness and give me the grace in such things. I tell people I get over 500 emails a day and sometimes I miss an important one. case in point:

A customer calls and leaves a voice mail, “Call me to talk about quoting a new job”. I write it down on my message pad and finish listening to messages. I pick up the phone to return the calls only I get another call or someone walks in and I forget about what I was doing. A few days later, I get a message, “well, if you don’t want my business, don’t call me back”. I grab the phone and apologize. He asks for my email to send info to quote. After a few days, he calls and ask why I haven’t responded to his email? I search my email while he’s on the phone and it never showed up. I send him an email and tell him to respond to it with the info. A week later he calls again and leaves a message asking how come I never got back with a quote. Again I grab the phone and He tells me he’s moved on and better luck next time. It’s a shame because when things like this happen, that customer then get’s ALL my attention.

So, if you work with me and feel your being ignored, your not, I got sidetracked. give me a call, I promise you all my attention.

Well, back to re-designing our web sites


I just replaced a pressure regulator on my main press. The old one had been leaking for over a year. I knew I needed to replace it but there never seemed to be any time, the press was always being used. Well, we had a day where the press wasn’t running so we replaced it. WOW, what a difference. The shop is so much quieter, no more leaking air.

I had a person leave a negative comment on Yelp about me a couple weeks ago. They didn’t leave a negative comment about my business, they left a negative comment about me. I was accused of being lazy.

The following is a genericĀ  turn of events. Just skip if you don’t want boring.

This was the week I was working 10-12 hour days getting ready to go on vacation. A quote request came from my website for a rush order. I should have just said I was booked for the week (which i was) and that would have been the end of it but has always, I wanted to see if I could help. So I went though the process and after a couple emails, they called me, A very pleasant voice on the other end asked for something I couldn’t get. I let them know. They checked with their group and changed their request but again asked something I couldn’t provide. At this time I explained I could help them and wished them luck.

Bottom line: maybe I was wrong telling them I couldn’t help them but that was the truth and some people can’t take the truth