I have always found it hard to manage my emails & voice mail. But, I’ve always appreciated my customers (and friends) who recognize my weakness and give me the grace in such things. I tell people I get over 500 emails a day and sometimes I miss an important one. case in point:

A customer calls and leaves a voice mail, “Call me to talk about quoting a new job”. I write it down on my message pad and finish listening to messages. I pick up the phone to return the calls only I get another call or someone walks in and I forget about what I was doing. A few days later, I get a message, “well, if you don’t want my business, don’t call me back”. I grab the phone and apologize. He asks for my email to send info to quote. After a few days, he calls and ask why I haven’t responded to his email? I search my email while he’s on the phone and it never showed up. I send him an email and tell him to respond to it with the info. A week later he calls again and leaves a message asking how come I never got back with a quote. Again I grab the phone and He tells me he’s moved on and better luck next time. It’s a shame because when things like this happen, that customer then get’s ALL my attention.

So, if you work with me and feel your being ignored, your not, I got sidetracked. give me a call, I promise you all my attention.

Well, back to re-designing our web sites