I had a person leave a negative comment on Yelp about me a couple weeks ago. They didn’t leave a negative comment about my business, they left a negative comment about me. I was accused of being lazy.

The following is a generic  turn of events. Just skip if you don’t want boring.

This was the week I was working 10-12 hour days getting ready to go on vacation. A quote request came from my website for a rush order. I should have just said I was booked for the week (which i was) and that would have been the end of it but has always, I wanted to see if I could help. So I went though the process and after a couple emails, they called me, A very pleasant voice on the other end asked for something I couldn’t get. I let them know. They checked with their group and changed their request but again asked something I couldn’t provide. At this time I explained I could help them and wished them luck.

Bottom line: maybe I was wrong telling them I couldn’t help them but that was the truth and some people can’t take the truth