I just got back from a week in Arizona and I have to say vacation is hard!! I stress for weeks if I’ll have enough work for my employees. then I spend up to 40 extra hours the week before planning while I’m gone, preparing art, paying bills, making sure all my customers know I’ll be gone. Then, while I’m on vacation, I check my emails daily to make sure something doesn’t come up I need to take care of. Then, any requests for quotes, I give them away to other printers. I’m available to my employees any time during the day if a question or issue arises. When I return, I haves over a thousand emails, a dozen voice mails and a weeks worth of bills to pay. But for all this, I wouldn’t trade it for the world to spend quality time with my wife with early morning walks, visiting historic sites, learning about local history and just enjoying the freedom to going to Scottsdale for “no good reason” I love my life!!!